Workshops are rooted in participants becoming a safe space for each other , to speak , listen, be heard. Workshop participants or 'Action Sheroes, Theyroes and Heroes',  examine their relationship with sexual and gender based violence. 

Workshops in 2018 were built in association with students at university campuses, feminist allies working to build young women leaders and more.
Select workshops below.

I Never Ask For It , workshop . Montreal, Canada. 2017, at StudioXX.
duration: 3 hours

Workshop with students of Tokyo Keizai University, Japan 2010
The workshop addressed street harassment in Japan, also known as Chikan.

Training of trainers, I Never Ask For It , workshop with Tibetan Womens Association,  Dharmsala. 2013. 
Duration: 2 .5 days. 

I Never Ask For It Workshop with adolescent girls at CREA’s leadership academy ,SELF Academy, (2018)